Why Email

54% of emails were opened on mobile devices in 2016

Source: Litmus 2016

Despite the noise, email reigns supreme

The digital landscape is continuously changing with new marketing channels presenting themselves and ad blocking technologies growing inactive users.

Email marketing remains strong in the presence of these new channels still driving the highest ROI for many brands.

The Apple iPhone leads email client market share with 33% as of December 2016

Source: Litmus 2016


Unlike other forms of marketing, with E-mail you are not disrupting a user’s journey online and you are in fact empowering them to make the decision as to whether they wish to consume your content.

It is a user’s decision to visit their inbox. It is also their decision to open an email. This makes for a relationship which is already warm, less intrusive and built on a mutual respect.

Despite the rise of social messaging apps, 68% of teens & 73% of millennials prefer email over other marketing communications

Source: Adestra 2016


You can get some real alone time with your prospective clients by using E-mail. Once they open the message, there is no other brand or business which you are competing with for their attention – you’ve got it! What’s more is that you’ve got a full-screen ad in view and this is invaluable from a branding standpoint.

Email still drives the highest ROI

Source: Econsultancy 2016

Power in numbers

There are 2.9 billion email accounts globally (that’s 3 times more user accounts than both Facebook and Twitter combined). E-mail was the first channel to allow content to be shared (viral marketing) and while it might not be the last, it is still the strongest.