Why Us

Why are we different?

Known does not try to be a Jack-of-all-Trades, we know what we are good at and we double-down on this area of expertise to bring businesses game-changing ROI.

We are specialists in email. We do this one thing better than anyone else and the results are our witnesses.


We use factual PII information collected at point of opt-in as well as continuous data appends of a user’s browsing behaviour and content consumption.

This means we are not only able to build a single customer view (SCV) of a consumer but also make strong calculated decisions of what type of offer, service and brand a user will respond to best in their inbox.

Global Reach

We work with some of the largest and most popular data owners worldwide, which gives us the ability to work across all the largest digital markets and further afield.

Tech Rich

We utilise industry leading 3rd party technology alongside the development of Known’s proprietary (patent pending) consumer targeting and email delivery technology. This enables us to target the right people with the right message at the right time.

Brand Safety

We are an ICO registered company and our in-house compliance team ensures that we only work with the most compliant data working to GDPR, PECR regulation and Can-Spam  Act in their respective markets. No more compliance headaches.

Quality Service

Our team provide high quality account management and service. We are always contactable through email, phone and Skype to provide support (even outside of the normal working week).